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Professional Football trials - Club Trials & Tryouts for Professional Soccer players

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Professional Football Trials & Evaluations
Saturday, December 27, 2004

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Often players require independent professional football evaluations as references for soccer recruiting purposes at many different levels (Professional soccer, College soccer, Select Teams, etc). Assessment like this is for serious football players interested in football trials and more. Our intent is to provide an honest assessment of a football player's abilities. The purpose is to evaluate potential football players at their request in their current team environment and provide an in-depth report outlining a player’s strengths and weakness. Reports are also an invaluable resource to perspective coaches or assessors of pro teams, amateur clubs, colleges, recruiters, youth clubs, Olympic Development Programs or other entities seeking skilled football soccer players. The report is an unbiased assessment and objective evaluation of player ability.

These reports can then be used when applying for professional soccer football, college soccer football and others teams. The report is also helpful in helping parents understand how their player is developing, or where they need more development. Players may now see how they rank compared to other football players both regionally and nationally.

Football Recruiters do not have the ability to see all players. Coaches do not always have the opportunity to personally see you. If you want to be seen, let us come out to see you where you are at your best.

SoccerAgent Football Trials are held in locations all over the world and takes approximately 2 hours. The Trial consists of several game practices and exercises designed to show us your range of ability, skills, speed, and athleticism. It is an informal afternoon, aimed at giving players the opportunity to display their talent, and to obtain an assessment of their potential from a Professional Coach. All participants are graded and assessed by professional coaches.

Players who prove immediately, to have the exceptional skills and qualities necessary to succeed, will be put forward for trials at the Soccer Academies of Professional Football Clubs, or Centres of Excellence at Football League Clubs.

TOTAL COST: £110.00/$180.00 includes Trial, Insurance, Personal Assessment Profile and an Action Plan for future development. Deposit of £50 is payable with Application Form. Balance is due two weeks before the Trial. For convertions and exchange rates please email info@socceragent.net.

The locations of football trials are listed in a link from the member center when you login as a member of SoccerAgent.Net. If you cannot make one of these locations you may put in a request for a individual trial at your location.

Evaluations are carried out by the European Professional Soccer Academy (EPSA.LLC) which only uses qualified and experienced football professionals (many from Europe) to scout players in their club or high school games, local or away tournaments and at a time that you need it, rather than just when a college recruiter or perspective coach can see you. Player evaluations can be performed for any player at any age level.

You can apply to be at one of the trials or for an evaluation by filling in one of the forms (either online or by mail) from the member center. Register to become a member. If you are already a member then login to access evaluations and soccer trials details.

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